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IP Awareness & Expertise Courses

Intellectual property assets have become much more important in the increasing global competitiveness and complexity, to be used not only to protect the brand, technology, and other IP rights but also to gain competitive advantage and drive new revenue opportunities. In many enterprises, particularly in emerging countries, there is still an immediate requirement to build, identify and leverage IP assets more strategically to grow business with a more comprehensive and efficient understanding based on well-established IP strategies and research management connected firmly to sound business strategies.


In order to improve and catalyze IP skills and the training of all end users such as startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, universities, techno-parks, TTOs, and public institutions, we are organizing conferences, seminars, courses, and provide supporting and consulting services with our IP professionals in the field of intellectual and industrial rights.

At KORDINAT, we know very well that the quality and effectiveness of an IP system strictly depend on IP awareness and highly qualified and trained IP staff. Therefore, we are at your service for your requirements on IP education. 

Abstract Linear Background

New IP Courses On-Line

Sağlık Hemşire ile hasta

Health, Innovation &

IP Rights' Protection 

Erkek bilim adamı

How To Boost Innovation & Patenting Process For R&Ds

Dijital Tablet Kullanımı Doktor

Digital Health &

Patent Protection

DIY Robot ile çocuk

Intellectual Property Commercialization

takım elbise İnsan ve boşluğa bakan krav

Social Innovation

incelenmesi Kızlar

University Inventions & Patent Management


Innovation and Patent Protection in Agriculture

Sözleşme Kağıt İmzalama

Managing Contracts at Industry - University Collaborations (IUCs) 

Bilgisayar Kroki

Computer Implemented Inventions & Software Patenting

patent Arama

Patent Literacy Program

What Our Clients Say

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Strongly Recomended

"A dependable business partner who has a clear vision and insight. I would recommend him as a highly-skilled professional to work with on any occasion."

M. B. Kirca, Enterprise Europe Network, EACI

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