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Career at KORDINAT


If you are driven by a commitment to client service in the intellectual property business and enjoy high-performance environments and further understand the importance of a client's business needs, KORDINAT is the right place for you.

At KORDINAT we are determined to maintain a fun, dynamic and energetic work environment through the employment of people who are:

  • Driven by a commitment to customer service

  • Innovative & Entrepreneurial

  • Results-oriented

  • Determined to develop a career

  • Willing to work in a high-performance environment

We understand the need for constant learning and work closely with our team members to help them achieve their desired growth through our annual training and development programs utilizing our internal talent source and expert external training course

If you would like the opportunity to work with an intellectual property firm offering a unique service to their clients and a unique opportunity for yourself, please contact us via e-mail first, for a confidential discussion. Please note any personal details submitted are kept on file for a minimum of 12 months from the initial submission.



our people very much because they are the nucleons of our firm. Without them, there is no way to fulfill our promises and quality standards. 



our clients and they prize us back for our services which we don’t compromise upon. 



Please e-mail your CV with a covering letter stating why you think you would be ideal for this job and want to work for us, together with your references.

Our Core Principles

At KORDINAT, we are dedicated to providing outstanding IP services that deliver the outcomes clients need and look for.


Knowing very well that this is not an easy task in real business life, we always strive to maintain a reliable and long-term relationship with each client by conducting the following core principles of our everyday business.

  • Keep the interests and expectations of our clients foremost and respond to all their concerns with innovative solutions,

  • Provide clear, direct, and rapid communication,

  • Be honest and transparent,

  • Work with a highly professional team of skilled patent attorneys and translators in close integrity, 

  • Realize cost-conscious and effective strategies with appropriate senior staffing and in-house process efficiencies.

Our People

It is our people who make this possible; both collectively and individually, backed by a wealth of experience and practical know-how that we have accumulated for over 15 years.

Our Patent Department

Our patent department comprises three basic divisions based on the major fields of technology, namely mechanics, electric/electronics, and chemistry plus a patent translations division.

Our Quality System

With a team of experienced and competent professionals, we are offering cost-effective and sound services without compromising our work's accuracy and quality.


Quality control is carried out by our in-house quality control process. Every member of our team knows and strictly follows our patent operation procedures for conducting the work and performing key controls.

The clear indication of the quality of our team and services is our clients’ satisfaction and their enthusiasm to work with us. We measure and analyze this periodically through client satisfaction surveys.

Our Departments

At KORDINAT, wide scope of IP services is maintained by four main departments, in full cooperation with and close supervision of our management, including:

  • Patent department,

  • Trademark department,

  • Design department, and

  • Legal department.​

High Level of Integrity

We believe in conducting business with open, close, and honest communications while maintaining a high level of integrity with clients, staff, and the community at large

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