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Legal Consultant

Patent & Utility Model

Patent protection can minimize competition and act as a defensive mechanism against infringement claims from others. The first step in determining whether to protect a new invention –i.e. product or process- with a patent is to understand the chance of patentability over the prior art together with the costs and benefits of patent protection. The patent application and prosecution process may last three to four years and involve costly legal and consulting fees. Therefore, it is important to foresee, before you file, whether the benefits of being able to exclude others from manufacturing, distributing, or exploiting the subject matter compensate the costs of prosecuting and protecting the patent.​

KORDINAT's patent team is a group of highly qualified and experienced patent professionals in the fields of life sciences, chemical engineering, computer technology, electronics, semiconductors, communications, green energy, physics, vehicle engineering, mechanics, air and space, and other technical fields. The patent team has grown steadily under the leadership of outstanding industry experts and attorneys. For over 20 years, we provided clients at home and abroad with litigation services. Our industry expertise, outstanding service, high level of professionalism, and industry recognition have been widely acclaimed by our clients.

Patent & Utility Model Services

  • Patent project strategy

  • Patent novelty search

  • Patent drafting

  • Patent mining

  • Patent / Utility Model Filing

  • Foreign and domestic patent application (through PCT, EPC and Paris Convention)

  • Patent investigation assessment

  • Patent opposition proceedings

  • European patent validation

  • Patent invalidation

  • Patent efficacy consultation

  • Patent infringement verdict 

  • Patent regulations consultation

  • Consulation and agency for certification and transfer of patented and non-patented technology

  • Administrative settlement and judicial litigation of patent infringement

  • Patent customs protection

  • Patent fee handling

  • Patent assessment

  • Patent commercialization

  • Patent valuation

  • Patent document translation

  • Patent protection at TR customs

  • Patent annuities


Qualified IP Services

At KORDINAT, we provide a full range of intellectual property services for innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners, and foreign associates and firms.


Our practice includes early-stage innovation consultancy, infrastructure and development plans for proper IP management, IP audit, IP filings, prosecution, and administrative services, patent translations, IP training, and commercialization as well as mediation in commercial disputes.

Management of Intellectual Property Assets

At KORDINAT, we help clients identify and manage their IP assets, develop plans to control their intellectual property, and reduce their risk of being accused of infringement by third parties.


We work with these clients to discover their current status, create an in-house IP team, and develop policies and procedures to serve their business goals

Enforcing & Defending Intellectual Property Rights

Although violation of IP rights takes place in all territories around the globe, strategies to fight them vary from country to country and even from industry to industry. Please rest assured that we will be at your service whenever you need our advise and action.

Systematic Innovation & R&D Services

The source of all inventions came from the solution to technical problems. For companies in need of innovative approaches to solve their problems, KORDINAT delivers innovation and R&D consultancy services and teaches them

TRIZ and GTI methods. We also help them to develop new products or production methods in order to outperform their competitors and to obtain maximum added value from R&D.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

As the competitive nature of the business world rages, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and inventors are looking further for legal protection for their intellectual property.


Intellectual property can include any ideas, original designs, trademarks, inventions, and discoveries. At Kordinat, we are at your entire disposal for inquiries and filing any type of such registration you may require. 

IP Valuation & Commercialisation

At KORDINAT, we understand that your IP rights are very valuable and that we need to provide professional, competent, and comprehensive analysis specific to our clients’ expectations in each valuation project, and we apply the most appropriate methods by strictly adhering to international valuation principles.

Intellectual Property Training & Courses

In order to improve and catalyze IP skills and the training of all end users such as startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, universities, techno-parks, TTOs, and public institutions, we are organizing conferences, seminars, courses, and provide supporting and consulting services with our IP professionals in the field of intellectual and industrial rights.

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