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Ibrahim Ozturk

Managing Partner at KORDINAT

IP Valuation Professional, 

Certified Financial Advisor

Ibrahim is the financial counsel at KORDINAT and is involved in all aspects of accounting and valuation of IP assets and IP-based financing.


He mainly advises domestic clients to help them to develop an active and informed approach to managing their intangible assets, from valuing their intellectual property (IP) portfolio to planning effectively for commercialization and growth.


With over 20 years of diversified experience as an innovative development and strategy expert, he assisted companies of all sizes and across a range of industries with funding, commercializing, and monetizing their innovation.


Ibrahim is a certified financial advisor and regularly lectures on State funding practices and requirements for branding, innovative activities, R&D, and patent protection.


Prior to KORDINAT, Ibrahim was a practice leader at two companies, where he ran business development, intellectual asset management, accounting, and valuations practices.

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