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A patent document is a legal instrument and is therefore required to be translated into Turkish language with great precision and accuracy under the supervision of qualified patent attorneys. Incorrect translations may result in irrevocable problems when a patent holder enforce patent rights against infringers. We recommend you to employ services of experienced and reliable patent attorneys, working with only qualified professional patent translators for patent matters.

Filing Deadline

A PCT application must be entered into the Turkish national phase within 30 months from the earliest priority date. Typically, this process involves performing translations of the full patent specification, filing a patent application form, and paying official fees.

Extension For Filing Date

YES. National entry can be delayed up to 33 months by paying an extension fee.

Utility Model Conversion

YES. Conversion is possible at the time of filing or afterward. This type of protection is strongly recommended for inventions that do not meet the 'inventive step' requirements, offering a protection period of 10 years.

Translation Requirement

YES. Mandatory for the complete patent specification (i.e., description, claims, and figures), with the translation being into Turkish.

Representation by a Turkish Patent Attorney

YES. Mandatory for foreign applicants without residence or a principal place of business in Turkey.

Power of Attorney

Not required.


No additional requirements except for changes and amendments before national entry, as all required information is available at "".


For PCT Chapter-1 applications, an examination request can be made after the publication of the PCT search report in Türkiye, typically 6-8 months after filing the TR application.

For PCT Chapter-2 applications, the International Preliminary Examination Report (IPER) is evaluated as a substantial examination report (as the first examination report) by TURKPATENT. A positive IPER may lead to direct granting in Turkey under typical circumstances.

In cases of any negative considerations cited in the IPER or the TR first examination report, a maximum of two rounds of office action/response written communications are continued before the final decision. A patent certificate, which is optional, is electronically issued after publication once the issuance fee is paid by the applicant.

Official Fees

Accessible at "".



Turkey is the second most populous member state of EPC after Germany, with a population of 86.1 million as of 25 Jan. 2024, and an important hub at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, CIS countries and Africa with high potentials of manufacturing and logistics opportunities. It is therefore recommended to consider protecting inventions in Turkish territory.




Our senior team will be your point of contact for any instructions/ inquiries.


​If a super-urgent filing is required by our client, we can file a patent application within the same day.


Our turnaround time for inquiries and confirmation of receipts is less than “6” hours within office hours.

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Our expert team has at least 15 years of know-how and experience in the field of IP rights.
We have the fortune to understand you and to respond to your needs, wants, and expectations. We offer our services as part of your team, not as an outsider.
Our primary concern is to provide outstanding IP services that deliver the outcomes clients need and look for.



Quality control is carried out by our in-house quality control process. Every member of our team knows and strictly follows our patent operation procedures for conducting the work and performing key controls.


The greatest indication of the quality of our team and services is our clients’ satisfaction and their enthusiasm to work with us. We measure and analyze this periodically through surveys.

Adalet Ölçeği


KORDINAT has an efficient and cost effective business model. With no outside financing and managed with low indirect and direct overhead costs, we reinvest in our process, technology and people.


Our prices are maintained at a competitive rate and further discounts are available for high volume projects.  

Detailed cost estimates are available quickly free of charge.

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