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R&D, Patent & Competitive Strategies, Wyndham Grand Hotel, 20.12.2023

We have successfully concluded our seminar, organized in collaboration with "REKABET ENSTİTÜSÜ" and "KORDİNAT." It was a day filled with compelling examples about the importance of innovation and patent protection, engaging conversations, and interactive sessions.

With approximately 40 participants from industry and academia, we explored the intricacies of the innovation-patent-commercial success triangle, delved into the challenges of the patent journey, and discussed potential solutions. Our aim was to shed light on current and future trends.

Our objective is to generate value-added outcome for each participant. We strive for a realistic approach, not just daydreaming; a process driven by knowledge and awareness, rather than random trial and error.

Seminar Content:

  • Innovation, R&D, New Product Development Concepts: Where does our company fit in innovation?

  • Productivity in Innovation and/or R&D: Are our efforts translating into financial returns?

  • Patent and Other Intellectual Property Concepts: Which is more important – patent, brand, design, or copyright?

  • Use of Patents as a Competitive Strategy: What is your competitive strategy and how do patents fit into it?

  • The Importance of Patents for R&D and Design Centers: Can patents be the strongest weapon for R&D and Design Centers?

  • Quality and Strength of a Patent: Can we gauge a patent's strength when selecting R&D projects?

  • Patent Attacks, Legal Disputes: How can we defend against a patent attack?

  • Circumventing or Invalidating a Patent: How can we neutralize a patent that we wish to use without a license?

  • Monetary Value of Patents and Brands: Can patents and brands' value be reflected in a company's balance sheet?

  • Internal Patent Management System in a Company: How should an internal R&D and patent management system function from concept to product?

  • Inventor Rights in the 6769 Industrial Property Code: How can we effectively manage inventor rights?

  • Patent Licenses and Technology Transfer: Is it better to take a license or conduct R&D?

  • Finances, Funds, and Incentives Related to Patents: How can patents be utilized to enhance a startup's value and serve as an investment tool?

We express our heartfelt thanks to all participants who joined us throughout the day. We eagerly look forward to reconnecting in our upcoming events!


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