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Lecturing at GAGIAD IP Conference On-Line

Hasan Demirkiran, managing partner at KORDINAT, lectured members of association at the online conference “Recent Developments on Patents, Utility models and Trademarks” organized by Gaziantep Young Businessmen's Association (GAGİAD) on 10 June 2021.

With increasing attention to the government supports for industrial property rights, namely, patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, business associations focuses on the importance of patent and trademark protection, domestic and international registration procedures thereof.

GAGIAD hosted two speakers; Hasan Demirkan, managing partner at KORDINAT, and Orhan Eriman, managing partner at MARKIZ. In the opening speech of the program, Cihan Koçer, Chairman of GAGİAD, underlined the fact that “many companies having failure on digitalization and branding processes could not survive in the recent period when Covid-19 had a serious impact on economies. He said “It is a very important issue to produce value-added and branded products and present them to international markets in matters related to Turkey's technological development, economic development, and the creation of a competitive environment. Branding is a long-term process. In today's conditions where intense competition is experienced, branding and patenting will strengthen the position of companies in foreign markets and create stronger capital structures”.

Demirkiran at his speech, mentioned about “the territorial protection system for trademarks, and thus importance of Madrid Protocol as an opportunity for international coverage of trademark protection” and underlined the fact that “Companies have their trademarks to register in the countries they export to even in those of potential market areas.

Demirkıran also explained basics of patent system and patentability requirements, and closed his speech by stating that “it is absolutely necessary to obtain a patent or a utility model for novel technical inventions having economic value in order to prevent the risk of infringement, have licensing opportunities and international partnerships, increase reputation and company value, and minimize risk of competition.


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