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Live Radio Interview: Trademark Valuation at ST Endustri Radio 105.8

Ersin Dereligil, our partner, will attend to the program “Real Markets with Cetin Unsalan” and interviewed live about “trademark valuation” at ST Endustri Radio on Thursday, May 26, 2022, at 09:25 AM.

You can listen to live broadcasts at 105,8.3 (FM frequency) in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Yalova and more in other main industrial cities of Turkey such as Ankara (100.7), Izmir - Manisa (102.8), Bursa (106.7), Balikesir (97.0), Sakarya (103.0), Konya (95.4) and Gaziantep (97.1). Live broadcasts, past programs and podcasts can also be accessed over the internet via the radio website.

ST Endustri Radio is the Turkey’s first and only 24-hour B2B radio station with a primary focus of Turkish industry and business essentials, away from music and entertainment. Content is compiled on many topics from business law to technology, from entrepreneurship to e-commerce.


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