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Lecturing at Certificate Course on Patent & IP Commercialization at Ankara Development Agency

The two-day course of “Patent and IP Commercialization”, organized by Ankara Development Agency and instructed by Ersin Dereligil and Murat Idal, will be held on 10-11 May 2018 at the Agency’s address in Cankaya.

This course is aimed for companies located in Ankara only, having desire to patent their inventions, commercialize their innovative ideas, increase their domestic market share or develop export markets by expanding abroad. All participants will receive an attendance certificate from Ankara Development Agency after completing the course.

1st Day (May 10, 2018)

Instructed by Ersin Dereligil, Patent Counsel, European Patent Attorney

§ What is patent and utility model? How to apply for?

§ Industrial Property Rights and Patent Prosecution Stages

§ How to search patents?

§ Taking use of national and international search databases with case studies and examples.

§ Basics of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, traditional and novel approaches for protecting inventions.

§ Practical information for budgeting, collaborations and planning.

§ Case studies for domestic and international patent applications, patent searches, use of patent databases.

§ Key considerations and common mistakes on patenting process .

Day 2 (May 11, 2018)

Instructed by Murat IDAL, Patent and Trademark Attorney

§ Intellectual Property (IP) Basics

§ IP Commercialization and Licensing Basics: Smart Strategies for Creating, Organizing, Managing, and Protecting Intellectual Assets

§ IP Commercialization: Determination of Reasonable License Fees/ Royalty Rates

§ Managing Risks: Confidentiality, IPR Violations, Responsibilities, Collection of Royalties and Other Fees, and Competition in the Absence of Licenses

§ Interesting Case Studies and Examples

For details and on-line application (in Turkish), please visit this link.

Ankara Development Agency is one of 26 regional agencies established in accordance with the EU accession process and coordinated by the Ministry of Development within the scope of the policy of decreasing inter-regional disparities and income differences in Turkey.


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