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Patent Search & Examination Requests Together

Effective in January 2, 2019, the TURKPATENT introduced an option for applicants requesting search and examination together on filing the patent application .

Where the application is also filed with a request for examination, the examiner will issue

  • a combined search and examination report if the search results are affirmative for granting a patent; or

  • a search report if the search results indicate negative findings on patentability of the invention by allowing applicant for overcoming the inconvenience and starting examination process within three months in the affirmative.

For search and examination requests, each costs TL 590 (about EUR 95) for online applications. Request for a combined search and examination is not to be confused with “accelerated” procedures requiring a payment of extra fees. This procedure requires only paying the both fees together but does neither require additional information to be submitted with the application nor a special occasion of an excuse or suitable reason to be able to start the combined option .


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