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TURKPATENT Fee Reduction of About 25%, Effecting in September 5th, 2018

The TURKPATENT announced that official fees were reduced for patent, trademark and design applications as of 5 September 2018.

This fee reduction regime includes a cumulative discounts of 25% in:

  • Patent, trademark and design filing, registration, renewal (including partial renewal) and assignment (including partial assignment) fees;

  • Appeal fees to the Office decisions on patent, trademark and design applications; and

  • Annuities for utility models;

Likewise, more discounts are available for paying the late trademark and design renewal fees within the 6 month period from the filing date, i.e. surcharge reducing to only TL 5; and for paying the late patent annuities i.e. surcharge reducing to only TL 1;

This new fee policy has been applied within the scope of “The Support Package Of 17 August 2018 For Industrialists, SMEs, And Citizens” announced by Mr. Mustafa VARANK, the Minister of Industry and Technology, in order to reduce a number of costs in the IP application and registration process, and help reinforce a more business friendly-approach in support of innovation. The said fee reductions were published dated 5 September 2018, in the Official Gazette No. 30526 of 5 September 2018.


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